November 10th Christy peddled her exercise bike 40 kilometers!

Christy had nerve damage to her hand, arm and shoulder after slipping on a wet floor at work. She had to quit work and spent a year with only an hour or two of sleep a night. For a long time she could not even wear a tight shirt without experiencing severe pain. She began taking the stem enhance and her pain began to diminish so she was able to sleep again and she was also able to begin making meals again. Then when she took a Manna Sachet her pain dropped dramatically and her energy levels went way up. She continued with the stem enhance and added some stem flo and with one two more manna since then she is almost living a normal life again. So the exercise bike peddling was done shortly after taking manna, I think for the second time. In other words the Manna worked synergistically with the stem enhance and results were very noticeable.


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