Update on Manna Sachet!

Isabelle began using Manna Sachet about 2 years after a hip replacement and shortly after going to the hospital for a bowel problem. After she came home from the hospital she developed a urinary tract infection. A few days after having the bladder pain she got and took her first Manna Sachet. Within 2 days the pain and urination problems had cleared. Nice!

Within two weeks her appetite returned and she began cooking and eating larger meals. Now let me explain something here. For 15 years Isabelle had difficulty swallowing and it was getting worse. Small pills had even become a problem getting down and eating any amount of food was very difficult. She therefore cut one chicken breast in three and made three meals of it. That was before Manna Sachet. Now her ability to swallow and eat is better. She can even swallow large pills no problem and eat a whole chicken breast at one meal. She told us that she had a regular meal the other day. She ate a salad, a chicken breast and even had dessert.
You could hear the joy and excitement in her voice.

It was so nice to hear her happily tell my wife that she has not felt this good in 10 years.

Betty a friend of ours who is 80 years of age had restless leg syndrome for years and it stopped her from getting a good nights sleep. This improved after a week of taking Manna Sachet and has not returned. Also she recounted how her leg had pain was somewhere from the hip down and she would rub it not knowing really where the pain was. Now that is all better.

Who would have thought that something designed to help the body rid itself of viruses and bacteria would also be a part of such great improvements?

What will Manna Sachet do for you? Take one and find out. That may be all you need for the next year.

Have a blessed Christmas Season!


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