Research and Development

Would you like to become part of our Research and Development program?

If so just write us a note telling us your name, address, age, job and health issues and email address. We will provide you with one manna sachet at 50% off the retail price or at no charge if you can’t afford the cost. After you use the Manna Sachet we ask that you report to us any interesting developments over the next few months.

Although we already know the many benefits that can be acquired through using Manna Sachet, we feel the collecting of thousands of individual reports from people in all walks of life, with a variety of health issues, would better serve as a confirmation to the general public, as to the value of Manna Sachet.

We reserve the right to restrict the number of participants in the R & D program based upon the funds available to do so. We will respond to each request as time permits.

To register for the R & D program email ~

2 Responses to “Research and Development”

  1. Roylene Noll says:

    Hi my name is Roylene Noll and Im a Mother of 3 Daughters. My youngest Daughter is 3 years old and suffer from bad dermatitis and has had it since she was 1 it is all over her body. She has been to skin specialists and have all prescribed her with different creams …Diprosone, Elecon ect… but as they are all have corticosone in them I try and use them sparingly which is very hard when you have a 3 year old scratching like mad till she has bleeding sores. I have read all the literature on your website and was just wanting to enquire to see if you could help me and my Daughter Taylah. Thankyou
    Roylene Noll
    PO Box 1391
    Stirling North
    South Australia 5710

  2. admin says:

    Hi Roylene,
    I just discovered that your request for help was sent in response to my R&D offer. I’ll be in contact with you via email.

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