Kevin Trudeau: Author of More Natural Cures Revealed

Kevin Trudeau is the author of “More Natural Cures Revealed” , a best selling author, in the Health section. He also Hosts his own radio show…

This is a quote from his paperback edition on page 98 about Manna Sachets.

“As reported on the BBC news, scientists in the United States have isolated a powerful agent in crocodile blood which could help conquer human infections immune to standard antibiotics. The discovery was made thanks to the curiosity of a BBC science producer filming a documentary on saltwater crocodiles in Australia. The producer noticed something that surprised her. Despite horrendous injuries to crocs, their wounds would rarely, if ever, get infected. The sample showed that there was an antimicrobial peptide in the crocodile blood. In tests the substance kills strains of bacteria that are resistant to all standard antibiotics. Natural antibiotics are found in various animals, including frogs. The peptide is simply a natural chemical made of amino acids strung together, and it can destroy bacteria by penetrating their membranes.

These natural antibiotics do not damage normal cells as man made antibiotics do, which means they are much more useful than any pharmaceutical drug when treating human infections, but there is a major problem. These natural antibiotics cannot be patented, which means there is no pharmaceutical company interested in researching this further. There is no pharmaceutical company that actually wants any of this disclosed. There is no drug company that has an interest in people being exposed to this inexpensive, more effective antibiotic.They can’t sell it, they can’t make money: therefore, they don’t want people to know about it even though it’s better than any chemical man-made antibiotic on the market. This is outrage. Of course, the FDA says that only a drug can cure, prevent, or treat a disease. So even though this non-drug, all natural protein peptide is better at fighting infections and bacteria then any antibiotic, the FDA says it’s against the law to make that statement even though it’s true!

These peptides are also found in great white sharks and are also incredibly effective. There is a product now on the market that actually has these peptides. It’s incredibly inexpensive and is incredibly effective in handling all types of viruses from hepatitis D to even AIDS. I’ve personally talked to a gentleman who had full-blown AIDS. He took this peptide once a day for thirty days and his AIDS is completely gone. This could be an isolated case. Would this natural miracle work on every AIDS patient or every sufferer of a virus or bacteria? Yes, I’ve personally talked to them. As a matter of fact, I’ve personally taken this myself. Based on my observations and research it appears that this peptide is also and incredible effective anti-aging regime and preventative measure against viruses and bacteria. People are scared about the various flu viruses. This could be an effective way to prevent or treat them. The problem with the way health care is today , is all-natural inexpensive discoveries like this are being suppressed and hidden from us.”

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