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Here is a letter I received recently from Mercy. She took Manna Sachet plus other products with her to help her friend through a health issue.

May you be in health and prosper.

Hello Thomas,

I just came back to the US after a very joyful stay in Kenya doing my graduate research work.
I also had enough time to spend with my extended family and friends something I had missed dearly.

I am glad to let you know that my friend is doing well. Still on medication for HIV and although she hasn’t been able to get all the good things you had recommended, she remains hopeful that things will work out.

She has been out of work for a while now and had not been able to raise enough money. Before I left the US. I bought some black seed oil, prescript assist, olive leaf extract and Swedish pollen extract. She introduced everything slowly because we weren’t sure how her body would react. But to our amazement there were no bad side effects. She did get symptoms of a cold. I later learned its called ‘die of effect’ when the body is getting rid of many free radicals. I have to say though that she is doing better. Her numbers have gone up significantly and I think I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that she can be healed. She tried to ask the doctor for an explanation of the sudden change in numbers and they just couldn’t figure it out. The doctor just said and I quote “you never know miracles happen” I’m taking it upon myself now to raise the money so that when I go home next, i take everything with me.When I’m ready to leave, I will talk to you so that you can help me out with some of the meds especially manna. Her hair that had been very weak is now beginning to grow, her skin is now clear. Actually she says its the clearest she has had for as long as she can remember. I also take Swedish pollen extract and black seed oil and I feel good.

Honestly I can’t thank you enough for opening up a new world to me, that probably would never have known about. I am now a firm believer in holistic approach to health. I eat well and I feel good, that sluggish feeling is long gone and I am slowly losing some extra pounds I had long attributed to babies and had resigned myself to living with.

God bless,

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