After helping a few people deal with and overcome shingles quickly, I would like to reveal what has worked for them. Personally I feel Manna Sachet can reduce the severity and length of suffering time from 6 weeks to 3 or less. Add to that some olive leaf powder and it can, if caught soon enough, be gone in just over one week.

The pain has to be one of the most severe of any viral infection because it attacks the nervous system. The fatigue experienced from that pain is exhausting.

The bible says, “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge” and this disease must be one of the things it was talking about. The bible also says about the olive tree, “Let it’s leaves be your medicine and it’s fruit your meat.”

Other things to try would be MMS ~ Sodium Chlorite and Black Seed Oil.

There is an epidemic of shingles going around and so please pass this information around. You may just save someones life or at least save them weeks or months of suffering. Christ knows Jesus suffered enough for all of us.

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