Need to get rid of alergies?

Less than a year ago I found out about the health benefits of black (Cumin) seed oil. The sources of reference say it is very helpful to overcome many health problems especially allergies. This caught my attention because my daughter and her husband are severely affected by the spring time pollens and cottonwood tree cotton. Sneezing is one of the symptoms that made their life miserable. The day my daughter started taking the black seed oil we noticed that within minutes her stuffiness was going away. Then her sneezing quit. What a relief. So her husband started taking it and his allergies cleared up.

Since then we have been recommending it to others who have similar problems. One day Darcy was at our home helping to install new windows. He happened to mention he had allergies. Without hesitation we mentioned black seed oil and asked if he would like to try some. He said,”Sure”. So we gave him a few ounces in a bottle to take home. The next weekend he was at our home again and I was curious to know what the black seed oil had done. He told me that he had been using a puffer 8 times a day for quite some time and the day after he took the oil he didn’t need to take one puff. Wow! That is amazing I thought, and it confirmed an article I read about how the medical profession uses black seed oil in Germany to treat asthma patients, and they were having great results.

Then just the other day I sent Irene in Saskatchewan a few ounces of black seed oil, because she had a terrible congestion that just would not go away. She called me two days after she started using the black seed oil to tell me the cough and congestion were almost gone. Irene is 80 years of age and has taken a stand to be healthy using natural products. To say the least she was delighted.

It takes many bricks to build a strong house of health, but once you mix the mortar with many effective and powerful nutrients, your health house will become a home and able to stand up to many storms.

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Manna Sachet is one of the best nutrients to maintain health and once your body is built up, only one or two need to be used over a year, to support optimum health.

May you be in health and prosper

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