We have a small 15lb Bichon Chin cross that use to be very skittish when people came over. The first time we gave her just a 1/2 teaspoon of Manna the results were amazing. Within hours she became so calm and quite. She still played and had lots of life, but she became more attentive and relaxed. When people came over she was much more accepting and far less excited. It was so nice to see the improvement.

Before giving her some Manna she hardly drank water. Her urine was always very thick and a dark yellow in color. Almost immediately after taking the manna she began to drink lots more water from her dish and eat more of her dog food. It was like a switch that had been turned off was turned on. All in all she is a much healthier and content.

After hearing about our success with our dog my sister in law decided to give some manna to her elderly shitzu. I heard today that her dog has a lot more energy and was doing better.


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