Over the last month Mercy took part in our R & D program. Here is her report back to me. I’d like to mention that I request all R&D participants to tell it like it is. Good and Bad. That way others will know what to expect from taking Manna Sachet.

Hi Thomas,

I would say that I made maximum use of the manna sachet and I absolutely like the results.

I have made the following observations since then:
a) I had a C section five months ago and the incision was very itchy although it had recovered. I am happy to report that its no
longer itchy! I kept scratching the area and was afraid that something was not right. I also had hemorrhoids that have since cleared. Its bout 3 weeks now after taking manna.

b) I have always had breakouts in my face since I was about 18, and had tried many products with no good results. I applied a little liquid on my face using the lint and let it stay overnight then stopped using the cream that I was using. My face is very clear/smooth (I only use vaseline on my face now). This is one thing my family and friends have noticed.

c) I have a lot of energy and I notice this when I go to workout at the gym. I am able to do intense exercise longer that I could do before.

d) Since a sachet can be used twice, I used the second dose on my 4 yr old daughter who had had a runny nose since the beginning of fall. We gad been to the doctor’s twice and the prescription just did not work. It worked so miraculously, in less than a week her nose had dried up!!

I want to say thank you to you guys for making this discovery, a cure from high above and I am spreading the word, I have told many people about it and will keep doing that. I will let you know if I make any other observations and will be buying some more soon.

Thank you,

Feb 9, 2010
Hi Thomas

I wouldn’t say that there are any other major changes yet apart from the one’s I emailed last month.
I however need to mention that I have a lot of energy now compared to before manna. The reason I delayed replying was because
my husband got a cold a day before you sent the email and I wanted to see if I too would get it.I have to tell you that I didn’t get it this time. Normally I get a cold every time he has it.


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