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We Are Back!

Friday, June 12th, 2015

Some time back this word press blog became inaccessible as our site was hacked or some unknown glitch. Just recently a new web man took over and we regained access and restored the Manna blogs accessibility to the general public. To him I give much thanks!

Over the last few years many people have used Manna Gold Sachet. There are many testimonies about it’s benefits listed already and so I’m not giving more at this time.

Today, I would like to address Manna’s long term effects.

A number of people who began using Manna as a last ditch effort to save their life, have regained health from HIV, liver cancer, severe upper respiratory conditions and severe viral infections, to mention a few. They continue to live a better quality of life and are still with us.

Recently we have had a number of referrals from different doctors, who have patients they cannot help and have recommended Manna.

For those who have begun to travel this path, mercy has been extended, and a measure of peace has been restored to their life and for some, their ability to contribute to society has been regained.

I thank those who have taken the time to share their experiences from using Manna and telling me about the renewed health they have gained.