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Monday, January 18th, 2010

Over the last month Mercy took part in our R & D program. Here is her report back to me. I’d like to mention that I request all R&D participants to tell it like it is. Good and Bad. That way others will know what to expect from taking Manna Sachet.

Hi Thomas,

I would say that I made maximum use of the manna sachet and I absolutely like the results.

I have made the following observations since then:
a) I had a C section five months ago and the incision was very itchy although it had recovered. I am happy to report that its no
longer itchy! I kept scratching the area and was afraid that something was not right. I also had hemorrhoids that have since cleared. Its bout 3 weeks now after taking manna.

b) I have always had breakouts in my face since I was about 18, and had tried many products with no good results. I applied a little liquid on my face using the lint and let it stay overnight then stopped using the cream that I was using. My face is very clear/smooth (I only use vaseline on my face now). This is one thing my family and friends have noticed.

c) I have a lot of energy and I notice this when I go to workout at the gym. I am able to do intense exercise longer that I could do before.

d) Since a sachet can be used twice, I used the second dose on my 4 yr old daughter who had had a runny nose since the beginning of fall. We gad been to the doctor’s twice and the prescription just did not work. It worked so miraculously, in less than a week her nose had dried up!!

I want to say thank you to you guys for making this discovery, a cure from high above and I am spreading the word, I have told many people about it and will keep doing that. I will let you know if I make any other observations and will be buying some more soon.

Thank you,

Feb 9, 2010
Hi Thomas

I wouldn’t say that there are any other major changes yet apart from the one’s I emailed last month.
I however need to mention that I have a lot of energy now compared to before manna. The reason I delayed replying was because
my husband got a cold a day before you sent the email and I wanted to see if I too would get it.I have to tell you that I didn’t get it this time. Normally I get a cold every time he has it.


Good News!

Friday, January 8th, 2010

I received a call today from Betty Engel. She has taken two Manna Sachet over the past few months and these are her words paraphrased. “Tom I just have to tell you that I’m feeling so much better since taking the Manna Sachet and its January”. “Usually January is my worst month.” “I was very skeptical when you told me about it but it really has worked.” “I use to have so much pain and its all gone.” “While cleaning up after Christmas dinner my son in law said to me,”Go sit down” and I said to him with a smile, “You go sit down.” He said,”Boy what has gotten into you”.

Betty knew it was the Manna Sachet that had gotten into her and she is so delighted about the results that she just had to call and tell me.

My God is love and love provides simple things to overcome complex problems. Its a huge task to overcome all health problems but it is attainable through faith, knowledge and wisdom. Manna Sachet is just some of the glue that will help faith knowledge and wisdom to stick in your mind and heart so you can think for yourself and follow the spirit of love through Christ and get out of the box.

We have an R&D program for those who can’t afford to buy Manna Sachet. Just ask!


A Note for a Happy New Year!

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

When love brings on its wings peace and joy,
one must move closer to see what is happening and why.
Otherwise, one misses the life of love and only hears its call.

May everyone reading this blog have a blessed and prosperous 2010.