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Manna Sachet Progress

Friday, November 20th, 2009

What can one expect after taking a Manna Sachet?

Over the past two weeks a number of friends and customers have
come to experience the wonderful benefits of Manna Sachet.

Betty age 80 was relieved of a restless leg syndrome within one

Margo who gets upper respiratory problems each winter took
a sachet just after it started. Within 2 days it was gone and she
was feeling better.

Shawn a diabetic had infections and swelling. After two weeks he
lost 15 lbs and feels much better.

Micki had a sore knee for years and had to take pain killer just to
go shopping for an hour. Four days after taking a Manna Sachet
she touched her knee and no pain. She poked her knee that she
could barely touch and no pain. Then she went shopping without
taking any painkillers.

Many of our customers also reported having a clearer mind, less
stress and more energy.

That is what one can expect after taking a Manna Sachet!


Welcome to Manna Sachet Canada

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

By: Thomas Hobson

Here you will find simple solutions for complex problems.
Things that Work! Things that have made a huge improvement
in my life and lives of my family and friends. ~ “Fast”

When you see your children or grandchildren go from being sick
and tired for months to having a happy disposition, feeling better
and having more energy in days, you know something made it happen.

That something is Manna Sachet.

It is no secret that if you give your body what it needs
it will heal itself and you will feel more at ease.
Get rid of dis-ease. Let yourself be well.

It’s time for a Manna Sachet.

Are you tired of being tired and sick of being sick?
Does your memory need a boost?
Do you need to be able to relax and not stress over
the little things?

Then its time for a Manna Sachet.

Add to this a little Organic Blackstrap Unsulfured Molasses
for minerals and Organic Pro-biotic Yogurt and you have
the basic building blocks to be the person you were meant
to be. Remove toxins and heavy metals with MMS foot baths
and you will be free.

Health is all about having enough energy to do whatever you choose to do and being at peace doing it.

I hope you find here, what you need, to be you! 🙂

Stem Cell Nutritional Product

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

By: Christy Petersen

I will start my fantastic testimony by first giving you a little back ground info.

January 2nd 2007, I fell at work injuring my arm. This injury left me
with very little use of my arm and hand. The constant discomfort
was excruciating. It always felt like it was on fire and the pins and
needles never stopped. Everything would get worse with use even
small movements.

If that wasn’t enough to deal with my head pounded 24/7 it would
get worse when I would stand up or lean forward.

Sleep was also hard to come by averaging about 2-3 hours a night.
My brain was not functioning properly anymore either ….Daily life
was becoming extremely difficult.

As the years passed the terrible discomfort spread to other limbs
causing even more problems and making it difficult to walk.

I found a stem cell nutritional product in May 2009. Every day I am thankful. (For more info see Stem Link on right top side of article)

Very Shortly after I noticed great things…..I was beginning to sleep
8 hours and wake up feeling rested. My head also stopped
throbbing. I was so excited, for the first time in years I could
handle the sounds of my children playing around me. I didn’t have
to sent them away. The shock on there faces was priceless
when they walked in the door to find me listening to music.
It was the biggest news all year. Everyone was informed
of this phenomenon!!!

Soon I felt the discomforts that had moved into my other limbs
dissipate and once again it is only the left arm that troubles me
but even so, much less then it had before and I continue to have
improvements.. My mind is clearing tremendously. I feel a lot more
confident that when I am speaking, the words will come to me.

I could go on and on about the wonderful changes, however, there
is one I must let you know about. It’s my hair!! It is getting fuller
every month!! With so many of life’s stresses my hair was thinning
and the grays where popping up everywhere !! However now you
would think I have colored my hair but I haven’t!! The roots are
growing in dark brown. My other family members are also
experiencing these wonderful changes!!

Finding this product has been life changing.

Somethings are to good to be true…..others are simply good for you!

Thank you for letting me share my story with you.