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All these links talk about the miraculous benefits of peptide proteins from our good friend the Crocodile.

BBC News: Visit Site Scientists in the United States have isolated a powerful agent in crocodile blood which could help conquer human infections immune to standard antibiotics.

Animal - Visit site Crocodiles have one of the most efficient immune systems of any animal we know, which is a real advantage for them living in bacteria-filled water and mud.

Blue Sky - Visit site Jill Fullerton-Smith, a television producerelevision producer, discovered why crocodiles can heal themselves in bacteria-filled water. - Visit site A crocodile's chilly blood may save us from disease.

Jill Fullerton-Smith interview on Crocodiles & Peptides - Visit site (real audio)

Nova Online - Visit site Why did crocodilians survive when the dinosaurs went extinct? - Visit site Mr Dyke says tests have found the substance kills strains of virulent bacteria that are resistant to all standard antibiotics. - Visit site Crocodile puts the bite on shark cancer remedies.

Islam Online - Visit site After many adventures they got their blood samples and last week a leading research institute isolated from these samples what I'm told is a novel antimicrobial peptide.